The What is Butch? Movement Inc. is lead by an amazing community oriented individual dedicated towards changing lives and giving masculine of center beings a positive outlook, courage to be who they are, mentors to guide them in life changes, constant life changing activities to build self esteem, and a family they can believe in!

We are the first national traveling fashion show movement to showcase dominant lesbians, masculine of center persons, queer, androgynous, and transmen bodied models a place on the runway and a show to call their own.

Our mission is to spotlight those who are systematically overlooked by society at large. The What is Butch?Movement is focused on educating , liberating and redirecting misconceptions about this marginalized, yet vibrant community. Each fashion show we produce highlights these remarkable individuals by utilizing the universally understood language, fashion.

The Fashion Show is the cornerstone of the What is Butch? Movement. This nationally traveling show highlights the fashion and lifestyle of these varied communities (dominant lesbians, butch, stud, trans,queer and androgynous).

This segment of the LGBTQ and mainstream market is rapidly growing and has
just begun to be tapped by the fashion, retail and lifestyle industries. The focus of the show is to introduce these models and groundbreaking designers to a larger audience while showing mainstream markets the viability of these products not only to the LGBTQ community but to the masses.

Currently we are working on our 501(c)(3) status to better enhance and change the community. The fashion show has been a great way to give us visibility , but we are building to become a household name. Creating camps for the youth, hosting masculine self building retreats, starting an agency, creating a clothing brand, speaking in public at conventions/etc. about injustice and breaking misconceptions, and offering scholarships for masculine individuals making a change in the world.